SINCE 1895

We're a family of hat makers and dream makers with a legacy built on unconventional ideas and foolish pursuits in order to move oeple forward. We believe in encouraging people to be seen and heard because everyone deserves to matter.

Why we do it

Because life moves away from you if you stand still. All the fun is in new, unexpected and bold. We would rather stumble forward than fall backward; There is no other way. We are making a bet on the future.

How we do it

We hope we never figure itout, but it's amazing to see how the ordinary becomes extraordinary when you know what to look for. We think we do.


The beginning

Our founder Cassel Goorin hit the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a horse-drawn cart full of hats and a passion for the craft of making them.


First store

Cassel's sons Alfred and Ted took over the family business and relocated to San Francisco in 1949, opening a storefront at Mission and First St.



The ski industry played an major part in the company's growth. Since fedoras, flat caps and truckers were not yet fashionable at the time, the expansion into sportswear enabled the spirit of innovation that still guides us today.


Let the Animals Play

The Farm came about in 2003 when Ben Goorin was experimenting with new patch designs for truckers. The Swine, The Beaver, The Cock, The Goat and The Ass were the Original animals that launched the signature liine and global movement.


The Present

Embracing the spirit of human connection and transformation, our legacy as artisan hatmakers continues to unfold through a timeless mix of reinvented classics doused with fresh relevance. Our signature pieces are now seen all over the world, connecting those who are committed to a new way to look at things.

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