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Goorin Deutschland

Backpack Bagheera Rucksack

Backpack Bagheera Rucksack

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    Conquer the streets with the "Bagheera" backpack from Goorin Bros! This black backpack is not only a practical companion, but also a tribute to the majestic beauty, cunning and determination of the panther.

    The characteristic motif of a panther on the rucksack and the powerful text "Panther" make this accessory an expression of power and strength. Wrapped in deep black, the "Bagheera" backpack gives your look a mystical and elegant touch.

    The "Bagheera" backpack is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to equip themselves with a touch of majestic beauty and unwavering determination. Get this backpack and show your strength with a stylish statement!
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