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Goorin Deutschland

Ruff Stuff

Ruff Stuff

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    The dark brown Ruff Stuff beanie with the motif of a powerful pit bull and the striking text "Bad Boy" is an accessory that embodies strength and self-confidence. The deep brown shade gives the beanie a robust yet stylish look.

    The pit bull motif expresses a certain wildness and strength, while the "Bad Boy" text sends a clear message of self-confidence. The beanie is not only a warming accessory, but also a statement of individual and self-confident style. Get the dark brown beanie with Pit Bull motif and show that you go through life with a dose of strength and coolness.

    Explore the fascinating world of Goorin Bros. caps and discover our trendy Goorin Bros. beanies, which feature the iconic castle as a stylish patch. With Goorin Bros. caps, you can experience timeless elegance and first-class craftsmanship - for stylish accents in any look.enjoy timeless elegance and first-class craftsmanship with Goorin Bros. caps - note that our authenticity is only guaranteed by the unique patch.

    • 100% polyacrylic
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