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Goorin Deutschland



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    The "Stripes" beanie in royal blue presents the fascinating motif of a tiger and emphasizes its characteristic features. This beanie is more than just an accessory; it embodies the elegance and strength of the tiger.

    The royal blue color gives the beanie a noble and powerful look, while the tiger motif with its characteristic stripes captures the fascinating wildness and independence of this majestic animal. The clear text "Tiger" sums up the bold presence of the tiger.

    Wear the "Stripes" beanie and be inspired by the characteristics of the tiger - be powerful, graceful and proudly display your unique personality. This beanie is for those who want to express their own fierceness with style and elegance.

    Explore the fascinating world of Goorin Bros. caps and discover our trendy Goorin Bros. beanies, which feature the iconic castle as a stylish patch. With Goorin Bros. caps, you can experience timeless elegance and first-class craftsmanship - for stylish accents in any look.enjoy timeless elegance and first-class craftsmanship with Goorin Bros. caps - note that our authenticity is only guaranteed by the unique patch.

    • 100% polyacrylic
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