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    Discover the regal elegance of the "Bee-witched" bucket hat from Goorin Bros! This white hat is not only a stylish accessory, but also a tribute to the regal qualities of bees, perfect for today's confident woman.

    The enchanting motif of a bee on the bucket hat and the self-confident lettering "Queen" lend this headgear royal charm. Wrapped in pure white, the "Bee-witched" bucket hat gives your look a fresh and regal touch.

    The "Bee-witched" bucket hat is the perfect choice for any woman who wants to showcase her regal qualities with a touch of elegance. Get this hat and become the queen of style.

    Explore the fascinating world of Goorin Bros. caps and discover our trendy Goorin Bros. bucket hats, which feature the iconic castle as a stylish patch. With Goorin Bros. caps, you can experience timeless elegance and first-class craftsmanship - for stylish accents in any look. Enjoy timeless elegance and first-class craftsmanship with Goorin Bros. caps - note that our authenticity is only guaranteed by the unique patch.

    100% Cotton

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