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Goorin Deutschland

Get a Grip - Socks

Get a Grip - Socks

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    Dive into the world of urban style with our "Get a Grip" socks from Goorin Bros! The navy blue version features vibrant red and white stripes on the cuff, while the heel and toe are bright white. The toe of the sock is proudly adorned with the Goorin Bros logo.

    The embroidered eagle motif rises majestically on the shaft, a symbol of freedom and self-determination. The matching embroidered text "Freedom" underlines the message of these socks.

    For those who prefer a touch of neutrality, the cream-colored version with khaki accents is a timeless choice. Whichever option you choose, "Get a Grip" socks are the perfect accessory for a casual yet sophisticated look. Freedom and style come together in these fashionable socks that give your outfit that certain something.

    • 68 % polyester, 28 % combed cotton, 3 % elastane, 3 % nylon
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